Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Meet with a Girl in a Super Market

So where to pick up women? Men do not often consider or think about this, but girls can be best met at the grocery store where they have all the time that for shopping.

Firstly girls they are not in a hurry so stopping them and chatting to them is much easier.

One other very important thing is that you have all the time to be talking of so many things. For example she already has in her trolley, what she plans on cooking for dinner, you can ask advice on what to cook with a certain stir fry. Literally speaking, there are a lot of things that you can talk about. If you spot girls in the supermarket and you want to approach her then follow the tips below as these will ensure picking up women in the supermarket is done smoothly.

Pickup in Supermarket Tip#1

You should always follow and put to heart the 3 second rule. Immediately go up to her and start something that you can talk about right after she sees you. But you have to remember that you should never do it harshly. You need to be smooth.

You have to consider the time and the place that you are currently in, because even if is a supermarket, you can never be too prepared for the arrival of her other friends, and when this happens, you have to be able to do something that will still be on the line of what you do. So ensure the conversation isn't made too awkward by silences have a few topics up your sleeve ready to go, that way you wont run out of conversation material and she'll stay and talk to you.

I really hope that you had fun reading and that after reading this, you already have the guts to talk with your girl and ready those pick up lines to get girls. Just try to remember that one of the most important thing that you have to put in mind is to have fun and more fun, because when you are happy, it becomes reflected to what you do.

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