Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Texting to Win A Girl's Heart

Sending texts has already been one of the modern people's way of communicating. I used to wonder how our parents had spent time in writing long and lengthy love letters, which can be still found in my mother's drawer; she often spends hours in reading them again and again, how romantic, isn't is? However, there is one thing that we should remember, women just like it when they read romantic lines. Sending text messages is the new trend these days, as writing love letters has become slowly obsolete. Actually written message has a kind of magnetism in it which keeps women captivated. It's a nice tool for picking girls up but it's up to you how you use it.

Women just like it when they are able to get text messages. They like it more than to receive phone call from an unknown number, and when you call, you are also not sure that she can attend to it, but sending romantic text messages will really make them smile and curious about you. However, if you want to make text messaging as a tool to win your woman, you may need to consider some factors. Your first message should be having something very interesting that leave an impact on her.

You may make the text message something that is about her, so that she will become curious and make a reply on your message. If your two way messaging has started; then keep sending her nice messages, cute jokes and romantic quotes. But do not flirt immediately. Spend some more time in getting to know the woman. Try to be on familiar terms with her. Read it all in man meet woman.

Never send dirty or indecent jokes through text message. Another thing is that, do not regularly text her, so that she will wait and yearn for your messages. She should know the number of times you sent the text messages to her in the day so do not send more then 3 to 4 messages in a day.  Don't insist her to meet you too soon. Take your time and wait, because this will only make you more interesting to her. Remember never ever try to flirt through text message, this will spoil your image.

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