Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Surpass Interracial Dating

How many times have you seen Asian man and white woman couples? Actually, this thing does not really exist in the United States, or does it? There are a lot of Asian men, who do not take a chance on asking a white girl out, because they are perhaps afraid of the consequences.

Why such the disparity? The answer is yet to be discovered, I guess. Asian guys don't seem to have a problem in Europe and Brazil. I have observed one very important thing with the Asian - Americans, and this is that they do not often have the perfect timing and confidence within themselves.

There are even some studies showing that on the list of a white woman, the Asian guy is often seen last. Whoa! So, is this really true? The population of the world is actually consisted of Asian men, but isn't it really frustrating that women do not like dating with us? But what's the big deal with the whole topic of white girls and Asian girls dating? This is because some Asian guys often prefer to get those things that they cannot have. This is all but lies, an anomaly. We often see a lot of Asian girls who date white men, but were you even able to see Asian men with white women?

What we often see in these days' interracial marriages are those between a white husband and an Asian woman. These kinds of marriages then result in the increasing population of the Asian - White families. According to a recent study being conducted, it has been found out that Asians do not have a high rate as preference for male partners. In actual fact, Asian women do not even prefer dating their Asian men, and they like other races more such as the white, black and even the Hispanic men, because they are more attractive.

Can you believe that? Asian women do not even prefer dating us!

The main solution for this dilemma to be solved is to make yourself a whole lot better. You have to transform yourself into a man who is more confident in living a happy and joyful life.  Regulating yourself to negative beliefs is the downfall of Asian guys trying to make their way up the dating pool.

You have to be open to the fact that there may be some adjustments that you have to make withing yourself, but they are all for the better. Here are few tips on how to pick a girl up.

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